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Free Ultrafast Leased Circuit
Installation with speeds up to
1Gbps and 24/7 Support

See our pricing estimates and request a quick quote for FTTC, EFM & Fibre Circuits

The best Wireless LAN setups around via Ruckus, Cisco & Draytek

30 Years of providing the best
LAN solutions based on required usage and building type

Leased Circuits

Internet Upgrade

Our Leased Circuits are perfect for all businesses - from SME's with several staff to large buildings with 50+ employees requiring reliable high-speeds for critical applications.


Call us now on 020 3179 1000

or email​ to see if you're
getting the best deal for your Internet.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Looking for
Telecoms advice?

At LCC, we've worked in over 2,000 sites in Central London providing us with expertise in Telephony, Internet & WiFi, Conferencing and
Meeting Room Solutions.

What exactly is a Fibre Leased Circuit?

  • Internet service exclusive to you

  • Up to 1Gb/sec upload & download

  • Unlimited voice, data & video

  • Priority over normal business users

  • Scalable when you need faster speeds

  • 24/7 Support with LCC

A Fibre Leased Circuit is a straight through Fibre Connection from your Comms room back to the Network offering the fastest and most reliable Internet service available.
These very high bandwidth services (up to 1Gbps) are provided via a dedicated network, so a business does not have to worry about sharing its bandwidth with any other user.​

About LCC

We are centrally located near London Bridge with highly trained Engineers on site who are always happy to help, even if you are not yet a Customer. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Which speeds would suit your requirements?

We can offer High-Speed Fibre Internet starting at £299 per month.

Call us on 020 3179 1000, email or get in touch online to discuss your requirements.


100Mbps Upload Uncontended

Flexibility to grow

Up to 50 Staff



per month

1Gbps Upload

Dedicated Fibre Service

Critical Applications

Large Buildings

1000+ Visitors & 50+ Staff



per month


Our partnership with Ruckus Wireless, Cisco and DrayTek allows us to seamlessly integrate some of the best Wireless LAN setups into existing network infrastructure, providing offices with high-speed, secure wireless networks that enable users to become fully mobile. 

Ruckus ZoneDirector
Ruckus Logo

  • Simple, smart and seamless

  • Great range with beam technology

  • Smart meshing to avoid costly cabling

  • Swift configuration and deployment

  • Excellent compatibility with ​laptops 

    and smartphones

  • Ideal for non-standard company layouts

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