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Long established locksmiths providing lock repair & key cutting services in London

"G Worrall & Son Ltd started back in 1896 and were originally bike repairers and bell hangers. Over time, we gradually moved into becoming professional locksmiths and safe openers. In the early years of the 1900s, locks started coming into play and after the war my grandfather became well known in the City and within the Banking Industry. In the late 1950s, my Grandfather took over the company from the Worrall Family and from there on it has been passed down through the family."

Our Business History

The Challenge

LCC first attended G Worrall & Son in the 1990's to look after a Panasonic analogue telephone system, which LCC upgraded in 2009 to a Panasonic KXTDA30 System with music on hold, digital and analogue extensions. Due to an increasing workload in Southwark; a Bromley Accounts Office and more Locksmiths taking urgent calls whilst on jobs, a slicker call-handling system was needed.


In order to keep travel time to a minimum; slot-in extra visits and handle out-of-hours calls, staff needed "roaming Extensions" - this would allow a member of the public, a local Council, or the authorities to speak directly with a skilled Locksmith to open a lock or safe of possibly replace a lock at the scene of a crime.

Our Solution

An internal review showed a need for calls to ring in the main Southwark and Bromley offices at the same time with mobiles belonging to key members of staff in buildings all over London. LCC has an ideal solution with a smartphone App from Cisco's BroadSoft, which runs on our hosted VoIP system, called Parasol. Along with large colour display Featurephones in both offices, Worrall's can take more calls and inquiries without the need for extra staff.

An FTTP Internet service in Southwark provides the reliability and high-quality Internet connection that a hosted VoIP service needs and as our App works on a mixture of iPhone and Android devices, we can be sure Parasol never goes out of date.

An FTTP Internet service is also installed in Bromley and following some planning and pre-configuration discussions, LCC installed a DrayTek Vigor 2862ac Wireless Router and two Vigor 903 WAP's in MESH mode to ensure WiFi accessibility, which worked exactly where we originally placed them on the floor-plan during our planning meeting with the Customer, held in LCC's London Bridge offices.

Lastly, to future-proof the LAN infrastructure, LCC installed a a Gigabit PoE Switch for Parasol Hosted Telephony, PCs, CCTV Cameras and other IP units, allowing each office to function as a Disaster Recovery site in the unlikely event the other office cannot be accessed.

Next-day Internet provision with speeds of 70Mb download & 10Mb upload

Mitel 3300CXi Hotdesking, 100Mbps uncontended Leased Circuit & 1Gbps Ruckus WiFi

Parasol hosted telephony,

a dedicated 100Mbps fibre Leased Circuit & door entry systems

1Gbps Fibre Leased Circuit with Enterprise-Grade Ruckus WiFi across the 40,000sq ft venue


Mitel telephone system with IP working, HD sound quality, voicemail & email integration

Parasol hosted telephony &

a dedicated 100Mb fibre Leased Circuit with Corporate grade Ruckus WiFi

Mitel 3300 System with HD Voice featurephones installed in under a day at state of the art SNK studios


"Very happy. That's very generous of you, thanks for that. The visit was perfect and it is all working like a dream. Chris did a great job as expected and now the system works exactly as you explained it would."

G Worrall & Son Ltd

Mark Neville

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