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FALL 2023

Polycom VVX400
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Work remotely from home with your smartphone
Call recording; hot-desking; voicemail-to-email
VoIP scalable
Learn how to use in sixty seconds
Handset & Headset options
No capital expenditure with rental
Free site-to-site calls
Affordable monthly costs
Built-in Disaster Recovery
Out-of-hours re-routing to mobile



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Non Geographic Numbers (NGN)

Our UK Non-Geographic numbers such as 0800 Freephone, make it easy for your Customers to contact you and offer a range of management tools when combined with our Inbound service.

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International Numbers

International numbering includes geographic and toll-free freephone numbering, so you can advertise Internationally with calls answered in the UK, without having to install physical lines in that country. 

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Geographical ​Numbers

Our geographical number ranges offers your business local presence, for example your Manchester 0161 office number can ring in your London office without the need for physical lines in Manchester.

We also offer memorable London numbers at no extra cost.

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Number porting agreements with all the major providers allows us to port your telephone numbers in to our platforms and manage your numbering requirements as a complete solution.​​



​Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the leading technology allowing voice calls to be made over Internet connections. A SIP Trunk is the equivalent of an ISDN channel, but with added features and benefits. We operate our own SIP Exchange (Parasol) and have three SIP Trunk solutions for different requirements.

  • Quick provisioning (half the time compared to standard ISDN installations)

  • Reduce your line rental costs

  • Ease-of-expansion

  • Bespoke number ranges chosen by you

  • Keep your telephone numbers for life: we can point ​your numbers to any IP address

  • Easy to add new features as your business changes

  • ​Simple and Consolidated Billing by DDI

  • Free calls between your offices


Openreach was created in 2006, allowing us to give our Customers equal access to the copper and fibre that connects businesses to the local telephone exchanges. Openreach provides installation and maintenance services on our behalf and are responsible for the wiring, fibre and connections that form the UK local access network.


  • ​ISDN30e Circuits - From 8 channels to 30 channels on a single circuit

  • ISDN2e Circuits - 2 channels per circuit

  • Digital Services - Direct Dial for ISDN, Automatic Failover and Disaster Recovery

  • Analogue Lines - For DSL services, alarms and faxes

  • Care Levels - For quick fault repair

  • Call Rates: Bronze using another provider
    Silver using LCC lines - Gold using Parasol.

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  • Unify your services - Mobile, Fixed line, Internet and equipment on a single bill

  • LCC out-of-hours support with loan handsets when needed

  • Expert advice from our London-based mobile team

  • 90-day contract with monthly or quarterly billing

  • Free calls, including diverts from your office lines to your mobile

  • Daily roaming technology for free European and World wide calls and data

  • Free connection

  • Free number porting managed by LCC

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Multi-Network SIM

SIM Card

Our SIM supports the use of two networks simultaneously. This means the SIM automatically switches to the Network with the 
​strongest signal for seamless usage on-the-go.

LCC Support


We offer 24/7 lost and stolen reporting with loan handsets and SIM's available for immediate ​dispatch to any London location. 
​Call us on 
020 3179 1000 for free advice!