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Tel: 020 3179 1000



Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 6pm

Emergency Hours

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When you call:

  • Calls are answered by experienced engineers within 3 rings.

  • Our members of staff will frequently be able to answer your query or solve your problem over the telephone. If we are unable to do this your call will be logged instantly on our engineering task list for the next free engineer.

  • All of our staff are trained to put you through to the right person immediately.

  • We manage our solutions end-to-end. For example, with our Parasol SIP solutions we manage the analogue line, the Internet connection and the equipment at both ends for maximum visibility.

  • We own a large quantity of maintenance stock, from Cisco Routers to large Panasonic and Mitel CPUs, allowing LCC engineers to repair and replace faulty equipment within hours.

  • Our office hours are now 6:30am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri with more customers calling us early morning

  • In the unlikely event of an emergency outside of our weekday hours, you can still reach our out of hours support on 020 3179 1000.


What can we provide?

  • Hosted, Panasonic and Mitel Telephone Systems

  • BT Openreach lines and calls plus SIP Trunk solutions 

  • Internet Connections 

  • Structured Cabling and Wireless LAN

  • Call Recording Solutions

  • Audio, Web and Video Conferencing Solutions

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Out of Hours Support even during Bank Holidays and Christmas

London Central Communications

28 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1HF

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