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One of the UK's leading law firms

Travers Smith is an award-winning corporate, financial and commercial law firm founded more than
two centuries ago and has practised in the City of London ever since.

"We are big fans of keeping things simple, sharp and to the point. But with personality.
That’s why our lawyers are so in demand.”


The Challenge

Travers Smith undertook a substantial office refurbishment project in 2015/16 across two offices and wanted to introduce robust Internet and WiFi connectivity primarily for guest access, but also for their 500+ staff throughout the various stages of departmental moves in to swing-spaces. It was also important to allow remote telephone-working for staff, both during the refurbishment works and to remain as a permanent feature to staff.

Our Solution

The LCC project management team organised our dedicated 100Mb fibre Internet services to be installed at both offices before the refurbishment commenced. Both are independent from the corporate networks and dedicated for WiFi access across offices.

Our Network Engineers surveyed the entire floor space providing signal heat maps detailing the best Access Point locations for complete coverage. Corporate grade Ruckus WiFi Access Points with beam-forming technology were installed throughout the buildings providing seamless WiFi coverage with SmartMesh technology allowing guests and staff to move between zones without loss of service. Two Ruckus management controllers were installed as part of the project to allow centralised security monitoring and reporting.

For remote working functionality, the IT team configured a virtualised server within their environment for a Mitel Border Gateway to manage remote IP users and devices. Users can now work remotely and securely using an Internet connection to the main telephone platform, as if they were in the office.

Next-day Internet provision with speeds of 70Mb download & 10Mb upload

Mitel 3300CXi Hotdesking, 100Mbps uncontended Leased Circuit & 1Gbps Ruckus WiFi

High-Quality FTTP Internet, WiFi and Parasol Hosted Telephony across Southwark & Bromley offices


1Gbps Fibre Leased Circuit with Enterprise-Grade Ruckus WiFi across the 40,000sq ft venue


Mitel telephone system with IP working, HD sound quality, voicemail & email integration

Parasol hosted telephony,

a dedicated 100Mbps fibre Leased Circuit & door entry systems

Mitel 3300 System with HD Voice featurephones installed in under a day at state of the art SNK studios


"As part of our refurbished office project we wanted to expand our wireless access capabilities both for guests and staff. LCC have helped us in delivering a successful, firm-wide easy-to-access wireless solution both from a planning and implementation perspective and we would happily recommend them!"

Head of IT

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