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A performing arts centre

The Albany can accommodate up to 1000 people in four performance spaces, including its unique central performance area with a capacity of 300 seated/500 for standing events. Other facilities include Cabaret for 100 people in the bar, 6 multi-functional spaces, 2 studios for up to 70 people each, community garden and 25 offices for creative and community businesses.

​"The Albany, at the heart of Deptford for 125 years"

The Challenge

An increased workload on an ageing Panasonic Telephone system, coupled with preferential pricing on a state-of-the-art IP Telephone system provided a window of opportunity to upgrade to a large Mitel Telephone system with IP working, HD sound quality, Voicemail and Email Integration. The Albany also manages the Deptford Lounge, a cultural and community hub, which includes a library, galleries and a range of community facilities shared with Tidemill School and on behalf of Southwark Council, the Albany then manages the Canada Water Theatre comprising a 150-seat theatre and six education and meeting spaces at Canada Water Library, so a more powerful Auto Attendant was required to allow the Albany’s own staff to make important changes on the fly, to benefit performers and theatre-goers alike.

Our Solution

In 1993, LCC supplied and installed a large 80+ extension Panasonic Telephone system in The Savoy Theatre and learnt valuable lessons in planning from the Architects, when working in large entertainment spaces.

Although LCC have maintained the Albany’s systems for 15+ years, upon attending the Site Survey, a Senior LCC Engineer noticed the LAN topology had changed and an additional Hewlett Packard 48-Port PoE Switch would be required on a link cable to the main Data Cabinet near the Box Office, avoiding additional cabling to an office of 19 staff. The Albany compiled a slick Auto Attendant set of greetings and ran a competition, won by a local schoolboy, to be the Albany’s Voice Over actor.

LCC installed a Mitel 3300CXi System with Mitel HD Voice IP Display Featurephones using the existing Structured Data Cabling and reconnected the existing BT Openreach ISDN30e channels. LCC also supplied and installed our own Parasol IP Gateway with 8 SIP Trunks for future expansion and eventual phasing out of ISDN (which BT Openreach have estimated will be in 2025). The Auto Attendant was configured and all the up-to-date Staff & Tenant names, departments, System Speed Dials, mailboxes and email accounts were then loaded and checked. A Trunk Transfer feature was enabled, allowing Callers and Staff to reach Staff away from their desks or in other buildings, now essential when working long hours in the entertainment industry. The Mitel Installation took 2 days with Engineers covering multiple offices in addition to public areas of 14,000+ square feet. However, the disruption was minimal as we moved the ISDN30e Circuit to the new Mitel system within 40 minutes early one morning. There have since been no problems reported.

Next-day Internet provision with speeds of 70Mb download & 10Mb upload

Mitel 3300CXi Hotdesking, 100Mbps uncontended Leased Circuit & 1Gbps Ruckus WiFi

High-Quality FTTP Internet, WiFi and Parasol Hosted Telephony across Southwark & Bromley offices


1Gbps Fibre Leased Circuit with Enterprise-Grade Ruckus WiFi across the 40,000sq ft venue


Parasol hosted telephony,

a dedicated 100Mbps fibre Leased Circuit & door entry systems

Parasol hosted telephony &

a dedicated 100Mb fibre Leased Circuit with Corporate grade Ruckus WiFi

Mitel 3300 System with HD Voice featurephones installed in under a day at state of the art SNK studios


"LCC provided a superb and tailored service and we’re very excited to have finally achieved
a long overdue upgrade at excellent value for money."

Chief Operating Officer

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