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TrustPilot are one of the world’s largest online review communities with
over 20 million reviews of 130,000+ businesses and counting.

​"We’re committed to being the most trusted online review community on the market."

The Challenge

TrustPilot urgently needed temporary Business Internet connectivity at their new offices St Martin’s Le Grand, EC1, as their own dedicated connections weren’t ready in time for the planned move.

Our Solution

TrustPilot contacted LCC through our website needing urgent assistance with Internet provision for their imminent office move. We attended the next morning to test coverage for our wireless service at 7th floor, St Martin’s Le Grand with positive results of 70Mb download and 10Mb upload.

TrustPilot gave us the go-ahead for two wireless connections and we commissioned both at short notice, within 1 business day, ready for the weekend move. The connections worked perfectly for their data network and Parasol hosted voice solution for 50+ handsets.

"When our ISP couldn’t deliver on time and no others would commit LCC stepped up and we were live within 48 hours.
Excellent, friendly and professional service."

Network Specialist

Parasol hosted telephony,

a dedicated 100Mbps fibre Leased Circuit & door entry systems

Mitel 3300CXi Hotdesking, 100Mbps uncontended Leased Circuit & 1Gbps Ruckus WiFi

High-Quality FTTP Internet, WiFi and Parasol Hosted Telephony across Southwark & Bromley offices


1Gbps Fibre Leased Circuit with Enterprise-Grade Ruckus WiFi across the 40,000sq ft venue


Mitel telephone system with IP working, HD sound quality, voicemail & email integration

Parasol hosted telephony &

a dedicated 100Mb fibre Leased Circuit with Corporate grade Ruckus WiFi

Mitel 3300 System with HD Voice featurephones installed in under a day at state of the art SNK studios

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