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Camera Systems & Solutions for Television and Film

Aimimage have provided comprehensive camera hire to the film and television industry with their equipment being used on hundreds of sets since 1983 from TV’s Foyle’s War to Trainspotting. 

The Challenge

In 2011, an increasing workload with ICE Film and The Camden Studio along with a growing stockroom meant a larger building was required for equipment and staff. Aimimage could then prepare and book in equipment with bench and racking areas for flight-cased equipment ready for assignments.

A prestigious pair of newly constructed buildings with a large covered forecourt at 22-24 St Pancras Way, Camden was chosen. With only a short walk away from the Camden Studio, this was an easy move.

Our Solution

There was only a bare shell ready for fit out and after several meetings, it was decided a larger Panasonic TDA100 telephone system would be required on a high quality Cat5e structured cabling loom with an ISN30e service. A centralised Server Room for all Internet, Telecoms and IT equipment was constructed and all line plant installed by BT Openreach on behalf of LCC. All the numbering and services were transferred over and LCC installed all the Internet Services as well as Door Entry systems (door release switched on all of the Panasonic handsets). Paging across the site was handled by the Panasonic for locating staff and transferring important calls and updates.

An increased volume of work has kept Aimimage busy and The Camden Studio installed an improved Internet Service in 2013. This was a copper presented EFM (Ethernet First Mile) Leased Circuit which delivered a 5-fold increase in upload speed. An EFM is a fast, easy and economical way of bringing high speed Internet access into the office and is a noticeable improvement over broadband services. This was followed In 2014 by a dedicated 100Mbps fibre Leased Circuit being installed with multiple IP ranges and unlimited data usage presented in the Server Room in the main buildings. Remote users could now access important files, pictures and calendars via secure VPN connectivity and photo-sharing, cloud and streaming services are now an integral part of business.

LCC’s review in 2016 highlighted the importance of cost-cutting, improving telephone/data services, remote working and disaster recovery. Thus the Panasonic system was replaced by Parasol, LCC's advanced VoIP telephone system, across all business units. This centralised system shows when staff are busy or away, provides worldwide contactability with clever Voicemail to Email services, essential for staff working on shoots who do not want to be interrupted. The door entry systems were also upgraded economically to allow full control of the door openers from the Parasol featurephones. All calls are recorded and Paging is now possible across all of their sites.

Next-day Internet provision with speeds of 70Mb download & 10Mb upload

Mitel 3300CXi Hotdesking, 100Mbps uncontended Leased Circuit & 1Gbps Ruckus WiFi

High-Quality FTTP Internet, WiFi and Parasol Hosted Telephony across Southwark & Bromley offices


1Gbps Fibre Leased Circuit with Enterprise-Grade Ruckus WiFi across the 40,000sq ft venue


Mitel telephone system with IP working, HD sound quality, voicemail & email integration

Parasol hosted telephony &

a dedicated 100Mb fibre Leased Circuit with Corporate grade Ruckus WiFi

Mitel 3300 System with HD Voice featurephones installed in under a day at state of the art SNK studios


“Our second-to-none customer care has meant we have retained a very loyal client base.
We have worked hard with a range of industry professionals, who have continued to use our services throughout their careers.
Our success lies in the success of our clients.”


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