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What is ClickShare?

ClickShare USB

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ClickShare is a Wireless Presentation System manufactured by Barco that allows you to share what's on your laptop or mobile device to a presentation screen, transforming a meeting into a complete sharing experience with a single click.

Without the hassle of having to find the right cable, you can share your content from whatever device you're using by simply connecting the USB button to your device's USB port or by using the free ClickShare app on mobile devices.

How does a ClickShare work exactly?

A presentation with ClickShare works very seamlessly in 3 simple steps:

1. Connect the Button to your USB port

2. Click the Button to share your screen

3. Start Presenting

About LCC

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What about the installation?

The Button is paired wirelessly with the Base Unit, which can be hidden away in your comms cupboard once connected to your main meeting room screen.


If you're interested in seeing for yourself how seamless your presentations could be with ClickShare, get in contact with us here and we'll be with you same-day to install one of our loan devices at your office.

What if I need to present from another device during a presentation?

Multiple Buttons can be paired to the Base Unit with seamless-switching between them.  Once a device is sharing its content on the main screen, another user can share their content side-by-side with one click of a button, or take over the full main screen with a simple double-click.

Why would I not just use a cable instead?

Presentation Cabling Problems

It's not just about rummaging through an unsightly jumble of cables to find the correct one for your device. Meetings run more productively when you present with a ClickShare - you can feel confident that your important presentation will transfer to the big screen at the simple tap of a button.


Using multiple ClickShare Buttons frees everyone to share what's on their own device to the same main display simultaneously. Yourself, your colleagues, customers and associates can all present with confidence straight away.

Where can I buy a ClickShare?

If you think a ClickShare would suit your meeting room's requirements, get in touch with us at 020 3179 1000, by emailing or contact us online.

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