Specialists in voice over recording, creative sound design and mixing

SNK are specialists in voice over recording, mixing and creative sound design with 7 beautiful, state of the art Studios in Tottenham Court Road. With many of SNK’s staff also musical, their friendly, approachable teams work tirelessly to ensure their Clients are the happiest in the business. As their work covers Commercials, Promos, Films, Audio Books and Gaming for household names, it’s no surprise that SNK have been winning awards for 15 years.

The Challenge

Many years ago, SNK needed a new supplier to look after their ISDN telephone lines and numbers in the offices and Studios, connected to a legacy BT Telephone System. LCC were recommended by another Studio operator and LCC also took over SNK’s ISDN Voice Over recording services, as each Studio is connected to ISDN2e circuits through the mixing desks.

SNK also offers Clients and Directors to simultaneously dial in from a telephone anywhere in the world, listen to and run recording sessions remotely when necessary, all to BBC and international standards. Interestingly, whilst most Studios in London charge extra to use their ISDN systems, SNK include them as standard.

Due to an increased workload, a demand to move to VoIP technology and a need to upgrade their BT PABX, Seb Juviler (SNK’s Co-Founder) decided a comprehensive look at all the equipment, features, wiring, topology and equipment location was long overdue.


Our Solution

LCC attended to listen to the requirements and examine all the options. It turned out that a recently revamped Dolby Studio would release some cabinet space for a rack-mounted Mitel 3300 Telephone System and SNK could then load PoE Data Switches in a second Rack in a different part of the building using link cabling, eliminating the need for extra and disruptive Cat6 wiring.

High Definition Voice featurephones were installed throughout the offices with Studio handsets using large red lights in place of their ringers, when required. The Mitel 3300 system was then interfaced to all the Sonifex telephone balance units at SNK, to avoid unnecessary line rental costs and to leave the studio mixing desks untouched.


As SNK are busy, the work was planned several months in advance and took place on a Saturday. In keeping with SNK’s hands-on approach, one LCC Senior Engineer was able to perform the entire installation in under a day with lots of help from SNK’s in-house Sound Engineers.

The result? Everyone arrived back at work on Monday to find a shiny Mitel M5312 or M5330 IP Featurephone on their desk or in their Studio with the same extension and direct dial numbers as before.

"SNK have worked with LCC for several years and we've progressively trusted them to take over responsibility for more and more of our comms. We've had our fingers burnt with some of the more 'cavalier' BT re-seller types in the past, but since finding LCC we've never looked back. Always knowledgeable, efficient - when they say they're going to do something, they do it - it sounds simple, but in reality it's a rarity! Their pricing is fair and they're a lovely group of people to work with. I couldn't ask for more really.

Working with LCC is a breath of fresh air, I couldn't recommend them enough!"

SNK Studios​

Seb Juviler, Studios Director

"Our dedicated team of sound engineers and producers have lovingly crafted original audio for thousands of hours of TV, Radio, Cinema and online content. We also provide re-versioning and localisation services for international territories and we've created sound for VR experiences, computer games, podcasts and more."


Tel: 020 3179 1000


Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 6pm
Engineers & Sales can be reached from 6:30am


London Central Communications

42 Southwark Street


London Central Communications was Established in 1987 and we are still in London Bridge looking after some of our original Customers!

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